Natural ways to tighten your vagina

Among the most embarrassing situations that a lady has to go through in her life is a loose vagina. Of course, she is not born that way, rather, her body goes through some changes after childbirth. A loose vagina happens to be one of these changes, and it is definitely not something to be proud of.

On the bright side, this is just but a temporary problem if you choose for it to be so. This is to say that a loose vagina can be tightened and get your self-confidence back. Here are some ways to do so.

Your diet matters to the core

jhdjhdd74As a mother, you should now be bent on looking and feeling great for your family. This especially applies to your partner. No one has the power to do this other than you. Your diet has the power to turn your life around especially when it comes to a loose lady part.

Do away with processed foods and instead do whole natural meals. With this kind of a diet, you are assured of the inner walls of your vulva getting repaired. Be consistent in this kind of diet, and you will sing a new song during your sexual escapades.

Throw in some Aloe Vera into the mix

Aloes have been known to have plenty of useful remedies. Guess what? Tightening a loose vagina just happens to be one of them. Experts advise on some methods to apply Aloe Vera without having to suffer some side effects.

For instance, it has been scientifically proven that there are no better ways to apply it than using your finger. However, this is a delicate procedure, and you must wash your hands.

Failure to which might result in some infections down there. This would open a new can of worms for you to deal with.

Engage in some exercises

To be more precise, the Kegel exercises have opened doors for millions of ladies across the globe. Doing them as often as twice daily is good for your pelvic floor. These exercises will have you feeling as strong as you were when you were a teenager.

You have to do your research by checking with your doctor for the right procedure.  It wouldn’t be right for you to do it in the wrong way and yield no results at all. Kegels are not as complicated once you get all the steps right.

Be consistent

hdhdd64Follow them to the letter. Though there are times when you wake up feeling like you are not up for them. Your moods dictate otherwise, and you feel it might be okay for you just to drop them.

Your attitude should pave the way for all the great results you are expecting. In short, be wise and find something new about each vagina tightening cause. For instance, don’t get too bored quickly with your diet eating the very same items.

Try something new every day and see how fantastic this journey is going to be. Try different kegels positions and styles every time you do them. With time, you will notice a great difference in the size of your vagina.


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