Advantages of Owning a Smartphone

Over the past decade, smartphones have revolutionized the way we conduct daily activities. With the rapid growth in the number of internet users, having a smartphone has become necessary for many people. The device gives its users the freedom to explore and use digital platforms to make their lives more comfortable. 2007 was among the most influential periods for the evolution of smartphones, with Steve Jobs leading the race. Nowadays, it’s rare to find an individual leaving his/her home without a mobile device. It has been more than twelve years since the first iPhone, and more than two billion individuals own smartphones. So, what are the advantages of owning one of these devices?

Internet Access

Browsing online used to be something people did on their computers. Nowadays, web surfing is possible using smartphones. These devices provide convenient means for individuals to access the internet. Thanks to affordable smartphones, almost everybody can have internet access.
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Fast Communication

For the longest time, mobile devices have been in use as communication devices. Smartphone tech drastically changed how people viewed and used mobile devices. Communication using smartphones offers several options. For instance, individuals have the option of chatting through text messaging or video calls. Additionally, having internet access makes it possible to communicate with people from all over the world.

Content Creation

Content creators are no longer spend a large number of funds to buy equipment for making content. Using a smartphone, people have the freedom to create multimedia content. A study from 2014 suggests that the camera feature is one of the most considered by customers. This peculiarity is one of the main reasons manufacturers focus on equipping their phones with the best cameras.

Access to Productivity Applications

Do you know that there are more than two million mobile software applications? Studies show that smartphone owners spend ninety percent of their time using mobile apps. Mobile apps’ functions can vary depending on the software. For instance, if you want translation services, several apps are available for the task. Some apps charge for their services while others are free to use.

Useful Extra Features

Gone are the days when people had to carry multiple tools to prepare for the unexpected. Smartphones come with numerous features. For instance, people have access to digital journals, flashlights, alarm clocks, scientific calculators, among other tools. Since many smartphones have a global positioning system (GPS), we can use smartphones as navigation systems when exploring new regions.