Why Smartphones Are Better in Camping Trips

When most people say they want to unwind and unplug, they seldom do it. Even in the middle of the wilderness, the call of Facebook, Twitter, email, and other online addictions is quite strong. So if you know you are unlikely to leave your smartphone at home, why not make proper use of it on a trip? Why not add some nature apps that turn your phone into an elegant camping program? Some apps show you the routes you would like to climb, see the sky, tell you exactly what mountains you are considering and turn your phone into a distress signal. While an explanation is needed for why radios are taken on a camping trip regarding communication, then here are the reasons why smartphones should not miss your packing list.


driving app

Some apps on smartphones, including navigation apps, allow you to download maps to be used offline. You have to prepare the night before to make sure you have all the plans saved. Although it might take an hour to download, it would be beneficial to you once installed on your phone, and you don’t have to worry about the internet connection. While a map and a compass are still necessary outdoors, you may turn on your smartphone’s navigation app for their extra features, including the Graphic Information. Perhaps, convenience is one of the advantages of having a smartphone.

Weather and Location

Location AppYour smartphone can download apps that have something to do with the weather and location. Weather apps from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) offer high-def radar that can give you five-minute updates of an impending storm coming in your direction. Another app, the AccuWeather, can also provide you with weather patterns right in your location. On tracking location, two particular apps, Bugle and Hiker Alert, help you determine your movement and route within a specific time frame.

What is good about these apps is that they will automatically send a beacon to your loved ones if you lost track.

Useful Apps

Aside from those mentioned above, your smartphones can download more apps that are useful for camping trips. These include a campfire app, a collection of applications on recipes, campfire songs, and for late-night entertainments; an Electronic Insect Repellent app which provides you protection against insects bites; and even a hammock-hanging app that calculates the exact and precise angles of your hammock based on the information you give, including your weight.

However, we should be cautious in using smartphones in the wilderness. Phones sometimes can go wrong and are still vulnerable once it gets wet. In this case, it is always advisable to know your camping site location and have some basic knowledge of hiking and camping tools.